... an old picture I hadn't posted to my blog before.


Garbage Wars

Past couple of weeks I have been really busy with school and I just wanted to share a project I have been working on. The assignment was to create a TV-show concept that's environmentally friendly, yet fun for a Dutch TV-channel called BNN. I was in charge of the concept document design, and I kind of had to rush it 12 hours before the deadline, because the rest of my group didn't send me their parts until then. However, we made the deadline in time and that's what matters. Also, I didn't write the document, nor did I have time to look at grammar/spelling errors, so that's not on me. I'm not fucking superwoman.

In retrospect, there's a couple of things I would have done differently before handing it in if I would have had more time (i.e. Table of Contents, just doesn't match the rest of the lay-out entirely and the last page also still needs a few adjustments).  I was inspired by a lot of works on Behance.net and a concept document a friend of mine designed once. I was also hugely inspired by this video:


A love letter

Dear room,

I love you. You're one of the best places I have ever lived in. When I'm inside you, I feel happy. Your brown walls make me all warm inside. I'm so glad I got you. I couldn't have decorated you better in any way. You make feel at home, like I have never felt before. It took at least a year to get you fully dressed, but I'm so glad we decided to take our time. You're worth paying 300 euros a months for. Of course, I also love the balcony that's attached to you. I love sneaking out your window.

I know that I'm going to have to leave you in about two years, after I graduate - which is rather unfortunate. Your owner - the housing association - will kick me out of you then. I hope your future inhabitant will love you as much as I do.  I wish I could live inside you for many more years to come. I will never forget the parties we threw together, I hope many more will follow. You'll always be home to me.

I'm sorry I neglect you when I'm down, at least I try to keep you clean now. I'm sorry I've let people trash you in the past, but it wasn't always my fault. Except for that one time I left your window open and drunk and stoned friends of my housemate broke into you and ruined your precious blinds and curtain. That was out my hands though. I never could have predicted that would happen. At least I fixed you up afterwards. 

Forever yours,




Last week was my 21st birthday. On the 18th. I haven't really celebrated it yet, hung out with Nanda and a few other friends and went to my mom's place on Friday to celebrate it there. I bought a secondhand bike a few weeks ago -finally!- and my mom financed it as a birthday present. I'm so glad I finally have one again. I can ride it everywhere now, and I'm not dependent on buses anymore to get to school on time. Plus, I get some exercise every day. Dutch people in traffic are rude though. When there's a crossroads, no fucking car stops and crossing bike riders don't move aside for you when they're riding next to each other. Anyway, when I went to the train station with Nanda to drop her off, I got a present from the conductors there. One of them also had his/her birthday then and they gave me a Happy Birthday balloon, which was nice of them.

Tomorrow's my sister's 19th birthday, love you kiddo!


Summer update/awkward life

School has started since a week and I realized I didn't update my blog yet on how boring my summer was. Not that boring, but boring compared to previous summers. I was too broke to go on vacation or to go to any festivals.

However, I did go to a Tegan & Sara show in Brussels on the 27th of June with my sister and stayed another extra day to enjoy Brussels a bit more and to shop. I ended up buying a shitload of crop tops that I wore extensively this summer. The show was great; my sister's a huge fan of them, so she made sure she had a VIP-ticket to be able to meet them. According to my sister they were really nice and gave her good advice on where to study in Canada (she wants to study there). She went to another Tegan & Sara show by herself the day before in Amsterdam. Apparently, going to shows by yourself is a great way to meet new people, so she does it all the time now. Maybe I should try it too..

After the show, we waited in front of the tour bus hoping to catch a glimpse of Tegan & Sara. We waited for a half an hour, while there we're still a lot of lesbians standing there, so we figured they hadn't moved to their tour bus yet. BUT - of course - my sister had to pee and when we came back all the lesbians were gone.. So, we were pretty bummed. Suddenly, two lesbians appeared and apparently one of them met Tegan & Sara at a meet and greet in Germany a week before, so Sara appeared and gave her a pair of All-Stars. Me and my sister grabbed our chance and I was able to meet and hug Sara as well, which was pretty cool. God, I sound like such a freaking groupie. Anyway, afterwards we hung out and drank a beer at a bar with those two lesbians (I forgot their names). This is the pic of my sister with Tegan & Sara:

So the rest of my summer was pretty boring; my laptop broke and I became broke. I spent most days with Nanda and we just did normal stuff, like going to the lake and movies all the time. I went to a second hand store in Tilburg and bought to really cool hippie bags for 2 euros each. I also bought a pair of dungarees and a pair of Levi shorts that actually fits (lost 6 kilos over the summer). 

Besides that I haven't really much to tell, except that my laptop is fixed again. Oh and I also managed to quit smoking, which was draining my bank account big time. Oh yeah, and on Sunday I went to a gig of a friend of a friend of mine in Eindhoven. We ended up missing the actual performance, but still had a good time. The sister of that friend of a friend - Nina - wanted to take pictures of me, because she liked my style. I was flattered and agreed, but fucked up because - of course - my eyes can't handle a camera flash. I ended up with my eyes closed in almost every picture. Awkward life, kthxbye.


Past 5 months in a tiny nutshell

Okay, so I said last week that I was going to write a post soon about what I've been up to the past 5-6 months. Whale, here it is. Honestly, I haven't done much besides chilling at home or with friends, but there are  few highlights I'd like to point out.

In January, I went to this Enter Shikari + Cancer Bats gig in Amsterdam and guess who we ran into, while getting cash at an ATM? Rou Reynolds and Rob Rolfe!!! So we took a picture with them, I gave them a high five and said "Yeahhh" to which they started laughing. Our night was already made. After the concert, we also ran into the drummer and bassist of Cancer Bats, but we only took a picture with the bassist.

Also, my Bart Simpson sweater finally arrived:

One of the first times I wore this sweater, I went to my mom's place and on my way this girl came up to me and asked me if she could take a picture of me for a street style project she was working on. I was extremely flattered and said yes.

Andddd, a friend of mine helped me to get Yvo's artwork up the wall (finally!):

Also, I wanted to share a school project I worked on last block; a mockumentary. In this project I was the art director and was mainly responsible for the characters' clothing & make-up as well as set design.  I made a sketch of the three main characters, but unfortunately I handed those in before making a copy. So, I can't share those. Due to time restraints I was unable to go all grammar-Nazi on the subtitles, so they suck. Also, the camerawork is done badly on purpose, but the shots suck as well. I hope it's enjoyable in a way for non-Dutch speakers. One thing though about this project I am sort of proud of is that our team kind of tied with another team, who were superpro and won an award. Didn't expect that at all. We tied because somehow we made the entire audience laugh. Note: there was an awardshow soon after the deadline, where all the videos were shown. I love the commercial though; one of "Lensflare Pictures'" projects. It's a spoof on H&M commercials: "M&H", aka MEH.